Yoga for Runners

September 19 – October 24

Thursdays        5:30 – 7:00pm

Sliding Scale:       Series price  $85 – $95      

Drop in price $20

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Let’s face it. Most runners have tight hamstrings, quads, hips, and shoulders.

Yoga for Runners can help!   This class is great for Cyclists as well! Running does not necessarily strengthen your core, but good core strength supports healthy running.

This class is great for anyone wanting to build more core strength and balance as well as open up tight shoulders, hips and hamstrings. We will also make time for some relaxing and restorative poses.

  • Yoga for Runners (and Cyclists) focuses on opening tight hamstrings, quads, shoulders and hips safely without having to do difficult yoga poses.
  • We will work on balancing poses that will help to build strength and stability in your feet and ankles that are so important to running.
  • When your shoulders are more open it is easier to breathe more fully making running more efficient.
  • Building core strength will be an important part of this class series.
  • We will work on breathing practices to help you breath more fully and easily.
  • Yoga can help to heal chronic pain and reduce the chance of future injuries.

Location: Town and Mountain Training Center    261 Asheland Ave   Asheville, NC (See directions below) Learn how to safely and gently open your hips, hamstrings, quads, and shoulders to avoid injury and pain. You will learn how to breathe more fully and align your body to run with more ease. We will also work on building core strength. There will always be modifications for poses so no need to worry about being too tight to practice yoga. The benefits of yoga extend beyond the mat enhancing your awareness of the mind/body connection. Town and Mountain Training Center  261 Asheland Ave, Asheville, NC 28801 Registration: Directions: Map for 261 Asheland Ave Turn into parking lot entrance at 261 Asheland Ave (see sign for  TOWN AND MOUNTAIN REALTY). You can park in front of  Town & Mountain Realty and follow the small signs to Town and Mountain Training Center . There will be a steel door at the top of the ramp. Pull the door to open into a reception area. The studio is to the right and ahead through an open door. Or as you turn into the parking lot just in front of the Town & Mountain sign you can turn right into the upper parking lot and park there. You will see a ramp that will take you to the 2 metal doors that open into a room with couches. The yoga room is through another door that you will see. Phifer Street is the cross street at the stop light if you miss the first entrance. Just turn Right on Phifer and then turn Right into the parking lot. The Town and Mountain Training Center is in the back of the Town and Mountain Realty building. (There is no street sign for Town and Mountain Training Center.)