I love helping people realize their full potential and take time for self care and self reflection.

I am committing to making weekly videos for free for all to enjoy and learn to trust yourself by putting in the time and effort to listen inward and make every time you come to your yoga at a time of exploration and playfulness.

If you feel benefits from my yoga videos I would appreciate you making a small or larger contribution help fund me getting some better equipment (camera, lights, recording tools, website help, etc.)

At this time I am a “one man band” doing everything myself including filming videos, post video production, maintaining a website, putting out a newsletter, constantly researching and experimenting with new ideas and ways of approaching yoga.

I am planning to create some yoga challenges or series that will published on YouTube for a daily progression.

I so appreciate your support of my work and efforts.

If you feel you can make a donation please click here to take you to my PayPal donation page.