One of the most basic goals of yoga is to find the stillness within.

Yoga invites us to peel back the layers that distract us from our innate goodness and our deepest desires and individuality.

I believe in working from the inside to the outside.

By this I mean that we focus on moving from our deep core muscles instead of moving from our peripheral body parts.

In Trikonasana (triangle pose) shown here, when we move our top arm so that it is lifted and in line with our bottom arm, we want to initiate the movement from our core muscles including our abs, back, and shoulder muscles. This is very different from just lifting your hand up in the air.

Every part of our body should be involved in each pose. Creating a feeling of deep grounding with a feeling of lightness and expansion, will bring a feeling of wholeness to our poses.

I teach people how to build heat from the inside by working our deep core muscles such as the psoas, the transverse abdominals, the lats, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and many of the smaller supporting muscles. I believe building heat this way is much more effective than heating the room to 80 – 100 degrees.

Every pose contains similar actions in a different form. Understanding this makes yoga more accessible and less overwhelming.

I encourage people to explore and experiment in every pose so that they become their own teacher.

I consider myself a guide who is constantly learning and exploring. You are your most gifted teacher when you are fully present and bring a keen sense of curiosity to every pose each time you practice. We learn from each other as well as learning from ourselves. The purpose of yoga is to help us experience oneness and our uniqueness.

Life changes and we are always learning more about the body and the body/mind connection. Within stillness, there is still some movement. The heart is always beating, the breath is always moving, our nervous system, lymphatic system and other systems of the body are constantly in motion.

photo by Jaspal Jandu Photography

Seek to find the movement within the stillness and the stillness within the movement.

Balancing opposites is a key component of yoga. And yoga is about life off the mat as well as our practice on the mat. When you experience this concept, you will view the world and yourself with different eyes.

Yoga is a process just like anything else in life. It involves time, patience, trial and error and commitment to reap the benefits. I would love to share what I have learned with you.