Testimonials are a reflection of the relationship between the teacher/therapist and the student/client.

I learn so much from my students and their feedback is very important to me.

Hi Gayle,
I am thinking of you, and I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave me with yoga during my recovery. You are a very good yoga teacher and can apply yoga to the need of a person, with a sensitivity I did not find in other teachers.

My energy level is decent and my knees are fine.

Thanks, love


As someone new to yoga but also very aware of the musculoskeletal system, I know how important it is to hold a pose correctly to receive maximum benefit.

I had been leary of attending larger yoga classes where there is very little personal instruction because I did not want my body to become accustomed to holding a pose incorrectly and having to possibly break a bad habit that I was unaware of further down the road. I had been contemplating a few private yoga sessions and then learned of Gayle.

Within a few sessions we created a stylized program and video for me that I can do in my own home. It is fantastic! Gayle’s understanding and knowledge of the body along with her integrity and passion are inspiring and exactly the instruction that I was looking for. It was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Thank you Gayle!


Thanks so much for a great class in which I feel like I’m learning more deeply about yoga exploration, alignment, strength, and lightness.


I’ve always felt yoga opens everything in me; and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to grow emotionally and physically to the extent I have since beginning to practice with you.  We have to tap into our weaknesses, our challenges, in order to come close to finding our authentic selves and a sense of balance in our lives.  Thank you for being there for me!



Thank you for leading the yoga class at Smart Start. You set the perfect tone for new and experienced participants.

Your thoughtful, intentional approach to teaching delivered with a sense of humor and the focus on balance was appreciated by all.

~ Amy

I am a 45-year-old male. I have spent plenty of time on strength and conditioning, but Gayle’s class has reintroduced me to building flexibility, strength, discipline, and inner calm.

My favorite part of Gayle’s class is that she spends time on all eight limbs of yoga- not just the asanas. We begin every session with an intention and a focus. She clearly spends a great deal of time developing the theme for each class, and her verbal introductions to the topics provide a calming, centering, focus for all students. Her classes develop conscientiously, slowly, and methodically. There is a logic to the sequence of poses, and this allows me to deepen my practice.

At my age it’s really important to be challenged in an environment that is safe and supportive. I have to build my practice slowly and deliberately. I count on Gayle’s class for regaining flexibility and strength in mind and body.

All the best,

Gayle’s class has been a staple to me over the past 8 months or so; it’s been essential to my overall health, wellness, and balance.

Gayle has really helped me to deepen my yoga practice and get to the next level. Each class is unique, different, and thoughtful; she is very personable, whereas some teachers have more intimidating or impersonal style. She makes an effort to know her students and to challenge us in fun ways.


On several occasions, Gayle has helped me overcome injuries that were painful and kept me from daily activities. Her understanding of yoga and its ability to heal the body has been a tremendous help in safely regaining my strength and mobility. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for safe and effective yoga therapy.


I love your yoga class on Tuesday nights and I am making a special effort to be at that class because it is so good; I find it very challenging and yet I am able to modify if I need something more or less difficult. Thank you for sharing your skill.


Thank you for the yoga class yesterday. I felt so good after (not only hungry :))) ). I was feeling lighter, with long spine, taller and open chest as I never felt… My upper back released the tightness and let the heart opening wide… I was walking like flying… Loved it!


Just wanted to let you know that as I take time to consider what I am thankful for, being introduced to yoga by you and continuing to have you as a supportive, smart and creative instructor are near the top of my list. Thank you for making yoga an important part of my life.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop! Not only did I leave feeling completely blissed out, but I really learned a lot that I am taking inot my practice and my everyday life. You are such a gifted teacher.


You have taught me more about my own body and how to challenge and use it than anyone in my lifetime!

Thank you for all you do!

Alice E.

Thanks so much for adapting the class last night to avoid the knees! MUCH appreciated…..and today I feel much better. We all love that you are tuned into us and can adapt a class with no notice!