Yoga at Your Place
Time seems to be the most precious commodity these days.

No one has enough of it.

Yoga at Your Place was created to solve this pervasive problem by saving people precious travel time and providing the right class for them.
Instead of having to drive 5 – 15 minutes to a yoga studio, park your car, and walk to the studio, I can come to your office at a convenient time for the group. People are encouraged to ask questions so they understand the poses and the concepts behind the poses. I give modifications to make sure the yoga pose is suited for your body and ability. These classes are personalized, therapeutic and inspiring, helping people look at their habits and find accessible ways to change them.

I started teaching yoga at various businesses around Asheville including Volvo, October Road, Liberty Bicycles, Children’s Developmental Services. Everyone loved the convenience of having yoga at work. It is a great antidote to sitting at a desk or doing the same repetitive actions that most jobs require. Several women reported that they measured 1/2 inch taller at their physical exam!

Just about everyone spends a lot of time sitting and working in front of a computer which results in tight neck and shoulders, tight hamstrings and quads and tight hips. This typically leads to low back pain which is epidemic in our culture. So I target the class to help to gradually open up these tight areas and help people to understand the importance of the breath.

I offer private classes in the comfort of your own home.

This is a great option because you can designate an area of your home for your own yoga practice using the poses learned in the private session. You will have my complete attention and we will work together to figure out the best yoga practice for your goals.

The concept of “Yoga at Your Place” has evolved over the years.

I now offer customized yoga videos that are filmed for your particular needs.

We start with a conversation discussing your goals, your fitness, your injuries or places of chronic pain, and develop a yoga practice addressing these issues. Then I create a custom video that you can watch at your place any time, any where.

“I had never been involved with yoga before Gayle started teaching a class at my workplace. Even then, I didn’t join right away because I thought yoga was “just stretching” and “too easy”. After all, I needed a good workout for my time investment!

I finally joined the class and l can now say unconditionally that once-a-week yoga has increased my strength, flexibility and posture to an amazing degree. Yoga’s not for sissies, there is some serious strength training in those poses!

In addition to all that, yoga made me taller. I’m serious. I’ve been 5’7 all my life, but at my last doctor’s visit, I measured 5’7 and a half! I made the nurse double check. I don’t know if it is due to alignment or posture or what, but it definitely happened!

Having the “Yoga at Your Place” class at work is so perfect… no driving/parking/travel time, no excuse for not going! It’s also been a fun way to get to know my coworkers better.

Gayle is a wonderful teacher who inspires you to improve by her example; she’s also calm, patient, and fun! I really look forward to “yoga day” each week! I feel so good afterward that it’s motivated me to start practicing on my own at home. Thank you, Gayle!”

Maggie Panther
Children’s Developmental Services Agency

For more information about these various options visit Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy or Custom Yoga Videos.