Have you ever watched something that was so amazing it almost seemed impossible even though you were actually seeing it?

Danny MacAskell’s videos have that kind of effect. Whether he is riding along a knife edge tree limb, jumping across buildings, or riding up a  vertical wall Danny and his bike come together defying gravity and the imagination.

Epecuen is a lost town near Buenos Aires in Argentina that was buried under water for 25 years. Now it is a shamble of buildings in ruins without roofs, with crumbling walls and basically a ghost town. Danny uses this town as his playground for a video  (click to see video) doing the impossible on his bike with grace and ease.

Inspiration, perspiration and imagination combined create magic.

What is it in us that drives us to test our limits, to follow our hearts and to fulfill our dreams? It starts with inspiration.

Hard work added to inspiration is what brings the dream to reality. To make something difficult look easy takes thousands of hours of practice, discipline and determination. The people who succeed love what they are doing. It is not just a goal. It is a process of self- discovery and self-mastery.

Imagination evolves from this process of inspiration and perspiration. New ideas come to those who are committed and focus their energy on what they love. Imagination taps us into our creative muse, into the infinite creativity of the Universe, into the unknown.

We can bring this combination of inspiration, perspiration, and imagination into any endeavor. When we bring it into our yoga practice, transformation is inevitable. If we approach every pose, every time we practice with a feeling of inspiration, seeking our edges and expanding our awareness the practice will never be boring. No pose will be too easy and we gradually begin to expand our mastery of more poses and transitions between poses.

How do we  create this magic in yoga? Starting with something easy is the key.

In Down Dog, how long can you lengthen your spine, how light can you make your hands, how much can you ground your body and float at the same time? When you twist how deep can you tap into your obliques, how much can you explore the power of the exhalation for your twist, how smoothly can you wrap your ribs in the direction of the twist.

As you progress begin to see if you can link poses and transition smoothly between them keeping your focus and balance. Move gracefully from Down Dog to your lunge. Float into Half Moon from Tree pose. Jump with lightness from Down Dog to a forward fold. All of these transitions will bring grace and beauty to your practice.

Perspiration without inspiration is drudgery. Perspiration with inspiration is transformative. Perspiration with inspiration and imagination will make you soar!